Baby Growth Plan Chart Template For Excel Free Download

Baby Growth Chart Template in Excel

Infant growth rate can now be recorded and monitored efficiently through baby growth chart including most important factors of growth like height and weight as well. This chart is now prepared in excel, so that parents are able to compare their baby development with others, and therefore selecting healthy and suitable diet for them. Any disturbance in the diet or environment, may affect your kid development and this can be analyzed from this chart.
Early detection of any medical issue, minor or major is important, for computing right diet for them. Parents who are experiencing this for first time or any young parents can also rely on this excel useful tool.
Baby Growth Chart Template

Baby growth chart including height and weight chart features:

Now assess growth of your baby through downloading this template. It holds the following incredible features:
Your child information:
  •  It is already prepared and you are required to add your child information.
  •  It includes your child name, gender, and date of birth, weight at birth and height at birth time.
  • Your baby height and weight reference in recorded individually, showing you these factors at different times.
  • Growth percentile and development table
  •  Now recognize your child development at any specific data through this excel workbook.
  •  An individual table is available for recording all this information.
  • It consists of date, day, and month, weight in (kg), height in (cm), weight percentile and height percentile.
  • Converter boxes
  • You are now able to convert pounds into kg, for more specific calculations through this template.
  •  Add your child weight in pounds, and it will be done automatically.
  • Convert your child height from inch to cm, through this spreadsheet.

Toddler growth chart excel:

To help you better in monitoring and tracking your kid’s health, suitable weight and height preferences are also recorded down in this template. Now estimate your child development from information collected from various surveys.
Download Baby Growth Chart Template

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