Project Planning and Monitoring Template

Project Planning and monitoring tools

Achieving a milestone and deliverable in project is possible through smart planning ideas and following them. Project planning and monitoring tools are available for project managers, so that they are able to tell clear objective of planning to their project team, while making risk assessment as well. Avoid wastage of resources or time, through providing right direction to project team members and make efficient use of available resources as well.

Monitoring and evaluation is also beneficial for risk assessment and therefore making any changing in the projects required. Any missed deliverable or project goal may result in effecting others as well, or may cause delay in the project deliverable. Labor, machine time and finances can now be managed accurately for your projects through selecting right tool.

Project planning and monitoring tools features:

Now track real time progress of your projects, through taking help from project planning and monitoring tools, as they cover all for your projects:

Your project managers are able to control and implement any strict strategies.

·         Any worker, not working according to the plan, can be spotlighted.
·         Managers are able to consult with the right person immediately.
·         It prevents wastage of time or resources.

 It helps you organize pulse meetings occasionally.

  •  According to the type of project and its requirements, you are able to organize these meetings.
  •  Any issues identified can be solved immediately or any specific problem faced by project team is spotlighted.
  •  It provides transparency to project managers over all the project processes.

It facilitates your managers through showing per defined stages and making amendments required.

  •          All the project phases and stages are noted down.
  •          Ready to use sheet, making project management simple and effective.
  •          Multiple excel spreadsheets for better planning and monitoring.

Basic Data entry:

Project Planning Template
Data Entry

This part of the template shows the basic data entry required for any specific project. it is required to be filled manually and it consists of:
  • Project name
  • Project estimated start date
  • Estimated project end date
  • Project manager name

It is further divided up in two tables showing project team members, task groups, stakeholders, holidays and time off projects.

Project Task Information:

Project planning template
Project Planning

This part of the template is for making smart planning based on the basic data entry and other information for the project. Project task information tables consists of project task, estimated start and end date and task owner. Project tasks consist of project feasibility study, cost benefit analysis, creating project plan, assigning tasks and organizing project meetings.

Work Schedule Monitoring:

Managers are able to track down any specific task from this spreadsheet. It consists of Gantt chart legend, completion status legend and project task information. All the tasks and their timelines including all the specific dates are shown in this spreadsheet.

Project planning template 1
Work Schedule Template

Any issues faced by project or which are fore caste are recorded in this spreadsheet. A whole table is available with headings date, issue, comments and resolution plan.

Dashboard Reporting:
Project planning Chart
Project Planning Report

This part of the template shows the customized progress report. This consists of:
  • ·         Analysis of on-schedule tasks to date
  • ·         Analysis of tasks completion to date
  • ·         Analysis of project time management

Tasks owner, task to be completed during specified period and task status can be monitored through this table prepared for it. It provides other useful data like scheduled due date and on track status as well.
Download Project planning chart

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